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Shakthi Cell

Shakthi Cell

  • ‘Art’ brings out the happiness and preaches discipline. Education along with arts will make every student a pride citizen of our country. “Shasun sakthi cell’’, the pride of Shasun was started in the year 2008.
  • To inculcate the values through enchanting forms of Art, we conduct certificate courses in traditional arts as a part of curriculum for students. Students are given a platform to showcase their talents in cultural fests & competitions.
  • To inculcate our culture, traditional values and ethics in students through various forms of arts.
  • To provide opportunities for the students to become entrepreneurs.
  • Shasun sakthi cell offers 16 courses for free and students aregiven liberty to choose courses of their interest.
  • The courses include 7 performing arts, 5 non – performing arts and 4 instruments.
  • College provides sufficient instruments for the students to practise.
  • The working materials needed for non performing arts are provided by the college.
  • Professionals in each field are appointed to train the students.

Courses Offered

  • Classical Dance - I & II Years
  • Folk Dance - I & II Years
  • Classical Music - I & II Years
  • Light Music - I & II Years
  • Veena - I & II Years
  • Violin - I & II Years
  • Keyboard - I & II Years
  • Guitar - I & II Years


Classes will be conducted twice a week
  • I Years - Monday & Tuesday
  • II Years - Wednesday & Thursday
  • 1.10 p.m. - 2.10 p.m. – SHIFT I
  • 11.45 a.m. - 12.45 p.m. – SHIFT II

Shakthi Cell exams are conducted once a year. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course.


Professionals in each field are appointed to train the students.

Dance (Classical & Mixed)

Dr Smt.Dharani Ramakrishna

Classical Music

Ms.Akshaya Ramanath

Light Music

Mr.Sabari Dharshan.C.N










Mr.Jai Ganesh &  Mr. Shiva

Theatre Arts


Drawing & Painting

Mrs.N.Shyamala Devi

Arts & Crafts


Fashion Designing / Beautician

Ms.Shankari / Ms.S.Rathi Meena



Sha-Kala utsav

SHA-KALA UTSAV is a mega event organized by the shasuneons to showcase their talents conducted annually. All students are given equal chance to showcase their skills. Every year the theme is selected to expose our younger generation to  our traditional and cultural heritage. Also the theme is chosen to make the audience aware of social responsibilities, ethics and values.


The Highlights of Sakthi Cell are a well Trained Choir Team & a Villu Paatu Team.