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School of Religious Studies


Religious education reinforces the need for emphasizing respect for other living beings, regardless of their beliefs, race, social status or stage of evolution. It helps one create an atmosphere of love and acceptance. The future generations are exposed to a life embedded with values and goodness by a deeper understanding of the knowledge laid in the Holy Scriptures by our renowned saints.  It nurtures deep respect for the spiritual aspect of religion and sets one up on a path of spiritual awakening. The hallmark of religious studies is a holistic development of the student and creates a balance in their life. Reduction of stress and other lifestyle related diseases is an auxiliary benefit. Religious studies teach the importance of self-introspection and how to overcome delusion and passions. It creates an optimistic attitude in students to face the challenges of life in a responsible and detached way.

Apart from pursuing careers of their choice it also helps the students

  • To inculcate qualities like equanimity, self-control, discipline in their daily living.
  • To enable them practice compassion in thoughts, words and action by simultaneously helping them to eliminate prejudice, intolerance and hate. Practice of values is encouraged.
  • To maintain focus on the bigger picture of life and its purpose.
  • To strive for success and at the same time not to get attached to the fruits of action.
  • To develop positive mental conditioning.
  • To become independent thinkers who seek to understand and improve themselves and the world around them.
  • To help them know their own inner self and this understanding contributes to a more just and cohesive society.

Apart from religious and spiritual upliftment, it promotes self-awareness, respect for self & others, open-mindedness, devotion, dedication, appreciation and communication; the qualities which are essential in today’s pluralistic society. Religion unifies everyone and is the center of human life. By religious studies, one can study what is essential about them in the world. The school of religious studies offers one year Post Graduate Diploma in Jainology under the flagship of Department of Jainology.



Religious Studies


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